For Mitchell Wilson

This is something I threw together in class today. I was inspired by a story I read in the National Post the other day a boy who had muscular dystrophy and was bullied by two boys, who stole his ipod and pushed him on his face into the street. The boy later killed himself, and he was only 11 years old.

I was further inspired by a local story about a boy in Moncton who had to switch schools because the bullying he endured was so bad. 

This poem is a rough, haphazard mess and seems more like two poems than one. But’s it what naturally flowed from me and it felt wrong to change it. I experienced bullying during high school but not to a major extent. It saddens me that our world is one in which this can happen. Eleven year old boys should not be taking their own lives.

This is Dedicated to Mitchell Wilson. I didn’t know you and I never will, but I’m sorry your life ended in such awful circumstances. 

My heart is changing color

it’s no longer a subtle hue

it’s darkening with every word

that you scream at me

those profanities that make you laugh?

well, they make me quease

they hurt me to my core

and make me wish 

to live no more

my soul is breaking down

disintegrating in thin air

I’m losing grasp on sanity

while you antagonize me

those insults that entertain the class?

Well, they make me cry

not in front of you, of course

no I wouldn’t want to give you

more material for those stupid jokes

my life is fading away

while you gain popularity

yeah, everyone loves the class bully

But no one notices me,

hanging from the hallway cieling

Yet no prosecution will be laid

because you say you didn’t know

that you made me feel like

a piece of shit

while you felt like a king

But everyone will show up

at my dark and gloomy funeral

facades of caring will paint a picture

of boy who everyone loved

But where were they well I was crying

and contemplating the end?

Where were they when I put the noose

around my hanging head?

Those jokes you thought were funny?

Well they hurt me too much to bear.

And sticks and stones may break my bones

but your bullying just killed me.

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