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#fitspo #fitfam #fit #fitness #gymtime #fitfluential #workout #exercise

Dreams escaped

I was lost,
wandering the planes of existence -
among the stars,
the moon,
the galaxy
I was lost
wandering my dreams by daylight -
living in the abyss by nightfall
among the gremlins,
ghouls, and
I was lost
trapped in my own insanity
wandering the paths to redemption -
among the passion,
the lust, and desire
I was lost
a soul-less wonderer,
begging for salvation
I was lost,
when that quill hit paper
and my dreams escaped

I’ve returned!

I think it’s time to return to my blogging world. Oh how I’ve missed it. And the mundane writing of my daily job leaves my creativity begging for release.

The pioneers of fate

I once believed 

we became stars 

when we passed on; 

there to guide 

the loves of our lifes

But it’s not that simple;

you see,

stars are the lamp posts

along the path of fate; 

the pioneers of love and hate;

the gateway to happiness

they light the way

of simple existence

and guide us through our destiny

Is that grandpa telling me 

this is the man for you?

Or grandma telling me 

this is where you belong?

Or are they just the stars; 

the torches lighting 

the dark passage to eternity;

the pioneers of love and hate

the pioneers of certain fate.

I left because I had too

you trivialize,


Just stop contemplating,

let the pieces fall.

I know I broke you,

shattered the puzzle

but you’ll find the pieces, 

if you let it be.

Just stop contemplating.

shut off the world,

shut off your thoughts,

just stop contemplating,

let the pieces fall.

I know you’re hurting,

chaos all consuming.

But just let the regrets fade away,

stop asking questions,

cause there are no answers.

Just stop contemplating.

Why’d I leave, 

Why’d I leave,

Why’d I leave.

Just stop contemplating.

You over-think things,

complicate the chaos.

But just stop contemplating,

let the pieces fall 

and you’ll be whole again.

I can’t fix you.

You’re doing no good,

searching through the wreckage 

of a love long past. 

I left because I had to.

It just wasn’t meant to be.

So stop contemplating,

just let it be.

Don’t let the sorrow,

wash away

the remnants of you.

Just stop contemplating. 

I left because I had to.